Recent Before & After Photos

Moldy Ceiling and Demo

Water damage can lead to mold damage in less than 48 hours. Here is an example of a leaky roof causing ceiling damage and then mold damage. You can see it very ... READ MORE

Cleaning After Mold

An important aspect of the mold remediation process is ensuring that it doesn't spread to other areas and keeping the business clean. This was a bank that suffe... READ MORE

Commercial: Big or Small Part 2

In our last post, we discussed how sometimes commercial jobs are huge businesses but other times, they can just be an apartment complex with damage that needs t... READ MORE

Commercial: Big or Small

Sometimes commercial jobs are huge businesses but sometimes, it can be more simple than that. In this case, it can be an apartment complex needing to handle dam... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling

  We have a good number of ceiling shots that we use for examples in these before and after's so here is another one to add to the list. This shows t... READ MORE

Electrical Fire

An electrical fire can start small but it can also start BIG damage in what seems like the blink of an eye. This showcases a dining room before and then after p... READ MORE


This before and after is a little bit different. In the before, you can see that due to a storm, the roof collapsed in and in turn, caused the ceiling to collap... READ MORE

Storm: Flooding

There is no good time for a storm to cause damage to your home but the good news is that we are here 24/7 and available for you to call. In these photos above, ... READ MORE

Sneaky Leaky Pipe

Sometimes, leaks aren't always obvious. If gone unnoticed, they can cause serious problems with the development of mold. Thankfully, we caught this one early an... READ MORE

Storm Damage On Your Roof? No Problem!

This customer's home had a leaky roof that had been damaged when a storm hit our town hard. This is only the beginning stages of the restoration process. We acc... READ MORE